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10 of the Best Free Shopify Product Review Apps

Review plugins are super important for any online store, most people will check reviews either for the store they’re shopping with or the product they’re buying prior to making a purchase.  Having reviews on your store can really help you with your sales.   I have handpicked some of the best premium and free review apps for Shopify ecommerce platform.

Yotpo is a free plugin which automatically sends review request emails to your customers and allows them to leave a review of the product(s) they purchased from their email client.  A premium version is available which displays review stars in paid an organic Google results using rich snippets.  The premium version also allows your customers to share their reviews via Facebook and Twitter, a number of other features are included in the premium version, click to find out more.

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Kodobuzz automatically asks customers to leave a review of your company after a purchase, it includes rich snippets so the reviews (and ratings) show up in Google searches as well as different ways to display the reviews on your website.

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Orankl adds a review section under each of your products and includes rich snippets (so the reviews will show up in Google results).   It is also an email marketing tool, it uses your customer’s order history to recommend related products to your customers.

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Product Reviews by Shopify is a simple plugin which allows you to easily add product reviews to your online store, it supports rich snippets just like the other plugins, however it is a much more simplified plugin than others featured.

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Product Star Rating System + Google Search Rich Snippets

RatingWidget (Free – $19.99/mo)

RatingWidget allows your customers to leave star ratings about your products and includes rich snippet / schema.org support for Google listings.

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Review Companion invites your customers to leave reviews about products which they have purchased by sending out email invitatioins.  This will bring about more consumer trust in the products you sell (or less if you sell junk!) 🙂    It works in conjunction with Shopify’s Product Reviews app (which is listed above RatingWidget).

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Disqus is an awesome centralised discussion platform which thousands of websites use.  The Disqus platform reaches over 700 million people!   The plugin allows customers to leave ratings and have discussions about your products.

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Taggle – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores

Taggle (Free)

Taggle is an all encompassing review platform which allows reviews of organisations, people, products, services and more.   It doesn’t only work with Shopify, it works with WordPress and Magento as well, using their API you can extend it to pretty much any platform.  It has Facebook integration too, this means customers can login using their Facebook profiles, and hence their review will have their photo accompanying them.

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Social reviews enables your customers to leave product reviews on your site using their social networking accounts (for example, being able to login via Facebook).

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SEO Friendly Review System for Online Stores - Super Reviews

Super Reviews ($8.50/mo)

Super Reviews is an SEO friendly review system which can automatically ask customers to leave reviews about your products.  It supports microformats (so ratings show up in Google etc).   It includes a 1 month free trial.

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eStoreReview is an application which allows your customers to review your actual store.  It can email your customers after every purchase asking them for feedback.

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    Hi, thank for the great review on Shopify apps. If do a lot of business offline (B2B) Is there an app that allows for us to email customers product review requests of purchases offline, the we can add them to the website using another app?

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