If you’re a wholesaler, or you sell in bulk, you’ll want to be able to give different prices to different people. My top 10 list of the best Shopify wholesale apps make this a possibility. I’ve included a bonus app, which allows you to export your products to PDF easily too.


by microapps

This Shopify wholesale app allows you to:
  • Use one store to sell to your retail and wholesale customers. Your inventory ALWAYS synched!
  • Save time by having your wholesale customers place orders using your online store. Up to 4 different types of customers!
  • Grow your business by adding wholesale sales and distribution of your products. The most powerful Customer Pricing based Shopify app!
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Wholesale Hero

by Booster Apps

This Shopify wholesale app will save you countless hours of time and effort maintaining a separate wholesale store. Have your retail and wholesale customers use the same store!
  • The MOST fully featured wholesale app for Shopify. Min requirements, automatic tagging, specific prices per variant… We have it all and more
  • The ONLY app that is fully compatible with all Shopify sales channels and inventory management. The ONLY app to offer FREE theme setups
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Wholesale Pricing by Supple

by SuppleApps

This wholesale Shopify lets you:

  • Offer Discounts to selected customers and collections in the same shop as retail
  • Multiple Pricing Levels and Minimums e.g. Gold customers get 10% Off Shirts (each product minimum 12), and 20% Off Accessories (each product minimum 6)
  • The only solution Compatible with Shopify Sales Channels & 3rd party Inventory Management (see reviews)
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Customer Pricing


With this wholesale Shopify app, you can:
  • Offer Customer Specific Pricing to premium customers! Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.. based off annual spending. You can even set the app to do it automatically!
  • Use this app to offer multiple levels of WHOLESALE Pricing and use your same store for Wholesale and Retail
  • Allow customers to buy memberships to get discounted prices or hand pick customers to thank them
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by Unicycle Labs

This wholesale Shopify app will enable you to:
  • Easily create and manage a self-serve Shopify wholesale store
  • Sell your products to eligible customers at wholesale prices
  • Sync inventory, bill customers at ship time, and send invoices and payment reminders
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Quantity Breaks


This wholesale Shopify will allow you to:
  • Apply Quantity Price Breaks based on how many products a customer buys.
  • Let your customers get a quantity break if they buy a certain amount of one specific product OR of a number of products in a group!
  • Bulk apply Quantity Breaks to individual products, collections, brands, product types or your entire store!
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Bulk Order Page

by Unicycle Labs

With this wholesale Shopify app, you can:

  • Instantly add a single-page bulk order form to your store
  • Customers can quickly add products by searching by name, attributes, or SKU
  • No manual setup or template edits required
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Quick Order

by SolverCircle

This wholesale Shopify app comes with a number of great features, including:
  • Responsive and support any device
  • Allow customers purchasing everything from one page, that will save ordering time
  • Automatically integrate with wholesale apps (Customer Pricing app from Bold Apps and Supple Wholesale app)
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by Wholesale2b

This wholesale Shopify app will allow you to:

  • Import products from over 100+ Dropship Suppliers to your store
  • Orders will ship directly to your customers with just one click
  • Prices and inventory are kept in synch with automated daily updates
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PDF Catalog Whiz

by ZINation

This wholesale Shopify app comes with cool features, including:

  • FREE to create up to 3 PDF catalogs and line sheets to present your products to retail buyers.
  • Increase in Sales Efficiency by providing your sales force a tool that allows them to service more buyers.
  • Create high quality printable catalogs within minutes.
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