The killer app on your website is actually you, or at least your agent. Live chat apps will increase your sales / conversion rates massively if used correctly. Live chat gives your customer immediate peace of mind before, during, and after the order process. There are infinite usage scenarios for live chat, from answering simple questions, to giving out discount codes, chasing orders and way more.

I have been through them all and picked out 15+ of the best free live chat apps for Shopify. Most of these apps also have paid tiers, but they ALL have completely free tiers. Some of these apps include chat bots, cart savers, analytics and much more. I have included any infomercial videos I could find for these apps to give you the best idea of what to expect.

If you end up using one of these, TELL ME!

Re:amaze (free live chat app) Item Picture



Reamaze is way more than just a live chat app. Converge your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and live chat messages and manage it all from one single place, on your phone or computer. Re:Amaze can pull your customer data, order history and much more, this is such a time saver, so when your customer asks about their order, you’ll have everything you have right there in front of you. It has it’s own iOS and Android apps, and works within the browser on any platform. You can customise it however you like too..

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