Beautiful product images are a key part of having a successful online store, but these large files can decrease your site’s speed, hurting your website’s search engine rankings and sales.  Thankfully, we’ve found a number of image optimization Shopify apps designed to help you compress your photos, allowing you to make these files significantly smaller.  These Shopify plugins come with support for PNG, GIF, and JPG files, backup and restoration options, automatic optimization, and more.

Image Optimizer – image compression and image optimization

Image Optimizer - image compression and image optimization shopify apps
This image optimization Shopify app will compress your images, making them as much as 60% smaller, which can improve your site’s load times and SEO.  Plus, Image Optimizer comes with support for PNG, GIF, SVG, and JPG files, it allows you to restore original images after you’ve compressed them, and it will automatically optimize photos after you add them to your site.

Learn More – Image Compression and Optimization - Image Compression and Optimization shopify apps will compress your store’s product and asset images up to 70%, which can make your site load significantly faster, and it includes support for GIF, PNG, and JPG images.  This image optimization Shopify plugin will automatically compress your website’s new and existing images, and it features a batch restore option which enables you to revert back to your original photos within 30 days of compression.

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Minifier – Image and Website Optimization

Minifier - Image and Website Optimization shopify apps

This Shopify app offers both lossy and lossless compression to help you make your files smaller, which can improve load times and search engine optimization.  Plus, Minifier will automatically optimize the alt tags and file names of your images, which can also help your website appear higher in search engine results.

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ImageRecycle image compression

ImageRecycle image compression shopify apps

ImageRecycle can optimize your images for search engines by compressing your photos by as much as 80%, which can drastically decrease your website’s load times.  This image optimization Shopify plugin includes support for GIF, JPG, and PNG files, it will automatically compress your new and existing product and asset images, and it comes with backup and restore features.

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