If you want to add a new contact form to your store’s website, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps will help you create awesome contact forms, and they come with useful features like responsive layouts, support for dropdowns, checkboxes, and date pickers, easy color, border, font, and background customization, and more.

POWr Contact Form

powr contact form shopify apps

This contact form Shopify app offers lots of customization options, so you can choose the background, color, font, and border you want your form to have, and it includes support for multiple input options, including dates, text, email addresses, dropdowns, and checkboxes.  Plus, POWr Contact Form offers a responsive layout, so your forms will be compatible with mobile devices, and it lets you display a customizable message to people after they submit their questions or comments.

Quick Contact

quick contact form shopify apps

Quick Contact enables you to add a toggle or sliding contact form to your store’s website that visitors can use to get in touch with you, and it lets you choose the position of the form, the sliding speed, and the fields you want to include.  This contact form Shopify app also lets you customize the form’s font, color, background, height, and width and the button’s color, alignment, width, and text.

POWr Form Builder

powr form builder contact form shopify apps

This Shopify contact form lets you create a beautiful contact form for your store’s site, and it comes with automatic email notifications, so you’ll find out right away when someone submits a message to your company.  Plus, POWr Form Builder comes with a responsive design, so it will look great on tablets and phones, and it comes with support for text fields, date pickers, dropdowns, and checkboxes.

Easy Contact Form

easy contact form shopify apps

This contact form Shopify app includes Ajax and HTML5 code, easy installation, and support for background images. Plus, Easy Contact Form comes with a responsive design, so your forms will look and function well on mobile devices like phones and tablets, and you can easily customize the appearance of your forms to match your store’s existing branding.

Improved Contact Form

improved contact form shopify apps

Improved Contact Form lets you easily add a popup contact form to your website or a traditional form to a page of your store, and it comes with built-in spam protection to protect you from unwanted messages. This contact form Shopify app will also provide you with useful information about the people who send messages using your form, including their IP addresses, the cities they’re located in, the pages they’ve looked at on your website, and how they found your store.