If you want to add some labels and stickers to your store’s product images to highlight new, on sale, or popular merchandise, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify plugins are designed to help you display flags and badges on photos of your items, and they come with cool features like customizable text and lots of default labels for you to choose from.  Plus, these Shopify apps enable you to upload your own images of stickers, as well as choose where labels and badges appear on product photos.

Product Flag

This Shopify app lets you add labels to your products to denote sale, popular, and new merchandise, and it comes with lots of default stickers and flags for you to choose from. Product Flag also lets you upload your own labels, and you can choose the positioning of your badges, as well as which pages you want product stickers to appear on.

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Product Label and Product Badge by SolverCircle

This Shopify app allows you to easily add badges and labels to your store’s product images, so you can attract your shoppers’ attention to items that are new, on sale, in a particular price range, or popular.  Product Label and Product Badge by SolverCircle enables you to add stickers to individual items or entire collections, and you can choose where to display badges, as well as customize the text on your labels.

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Product Labels by Secomapp

This Shopify app is a great tool to help you display labels on your product images to denote which items in your store are new, on sale, low in stock, or popular, and you can choose where to place the stickers on the photos of your merchandise.  Plus, Product Labels by Secomapp comes with support for unlimited badges, easy text customization, and more.

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