If you’re looking for a way to gather detailed information about your website to help you improve your company’s efficiency and sales, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These analytics Shopify apps will provide you with useful data, such as where your site’s visitors live, how they found your website, who your most loyal customers are, how people interact with your website, and what your best-selling products are.  Plus, these Shopify apps comes with great features like Google Analytics integration, user-friendly interfaces, simple installation, and more.

Hitsteps Analytics

hitsteps analytics shopify apps

Hitsteps Analytics gives you tons of valuable data about your site traffic, including how people found your shop, where they live, what they’re looking at on your website, and the keywords they searched to find your store. Plus, this analytics Shopify app lets you monitor your visitors in real-time, and it will notify you when someone visits your site, even giving you the option of initiating a live chat with them.

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Ecommerce Insights

ecommmerce insights analytics shopify apps

This analytics Shopify app provides you with important information which you can use to gauge the success of your company and make decisions about the future of your business.  Ecommerce Insights will tell you your store’s average order value, how many loyal customers you have and how much revenue they account for, the number of clients you’re at risk of losing, and lots of other useful data, all of which can improve your store’s customer retention rates and earnings.

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Analytics Buddy

buddy analytics shopify apps

This analytics Shopify app displays statistics and data from your Google Analytics account in your store’s dashboard, allowing you to better see how well your business is performing.  Analytics Buddy will display useful information, such as product views, add to carts, page views, traffic sources, checkouts, and transactions, and it comes with a user-friendly interface.

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