6 of the Best Shopify Apps for Rewards & Loyalty Programs

If you’re looking for some ways to encourage customer loyalty and reward people for supporting your brand, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify plugins are designed to help you create and manage loyalty and rewards programs, so people can earn points for purchasing products, referring their friends, interacting with your store on social networks, or subscribing to your newsletter.  Then, they can redeem these points for discounts or free gifts, which can help encourage people to frequent your store time and time again.

Loyalty Reward Points by Sweet Tooth

This Shopify app allows your customers to earn rewards points for buying items from your store, referring friends to your shop, sharing your business on social media, or simply celebrating their birthdays.  With Loyalty Reward Points by Sweet Tooth, your shoppers can use their points to get discounts on future purchases, receive free shipping on their orders, or get a gift card for your company.

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Rewards and Referrals by Swell

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Rewards and Referrals by Swell lets you reward your store’s shoppers when they spend over a certain amount, create accounts, refer people to your store, complete a particular number of purchases, or interact with your business on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  This Shopify plugin comes with simple customization and integration, as well as a user-friendly design, and it offers ten different ways you can reward your customers.

Beans Loyalty & Reward Program

This Shopify app makes it easy for you to reward your customers when they complete certain actions, such as refer other people, write product reviews, order items, signup to your store, subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Twitter, and more.  Plus, Beans Loyalty & Reward Program allows you to take back points from people if they’re inactive for more than a specific period time, which encourages customers to remain engaged with your company and shop.

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Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals by LoyaltyLion

Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals by LoyaltyLion allows you to offer incentives to people for interacting with your brand on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as subscribing to your newsletter, referring their friends, creating accounts, making purchases, and browsing your store.  Plus, this Shopify plugin comes with support for lots of different languages and currencies,  5 types of rewards for you to choose from, customizable email notifications, advanced analytics, and more.

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S Loyalty

This Shopify app makes it easy for you to create and manage a loyalty program for your store’s customers, and it comes with a responsive layout for compatibility with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.  S Loyalty also includes shopper notifications, so people will automatically receive emails when they have enough points to redeem for rewards like discounts or free products.  Plus, this Shopify plugin comes with a number of different design options for you to choose from, so you can customize the appearance of your loyalty program to match your store’s branding.

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Loyalty Points by Bold

Loyalty Points by Bold lets your customers earn points every time they purchase items from your store, which they can later redeem to receive money off on future purchases.  This Shopify app also comes with an import wizard to help you transition from another loyalty plugin, support for multiple customer tiers, built-in analytics and reports, easy design customization, support for redemption multipliers, and more.

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