If you want your company to help others in need, then you have to check out these donation Shopify apps. These Shopify plugins make it easy for your customers to donate to various non-profits, organizations, and charities, and they have lots of useful features, including detailed analytics and reporting, support for multiple types of donations, customizable email templates, responsive designs for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and more.

Shop for Good Donation App

Shop for Good Donation Shopify Apps

This donation Shopify app offers a number of different campaigns your company can use to raise money for charities and non-profits, so you can match your customers’ donations, give them the ability to round-up their cart totals and then donate the amount, choose the organization they want to support, or make a donation in exchange for a discount on your products. Plus, Shop for Good Donation app comes with a customizable donation impact tracker and detailed reporting, and it’s super simply to install and use.

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Givz Donation Driven Marketing

Givz Donation Driven Marketing Donation Shopify Apps

Instead of asking shoppers to support a cause before they check out, Givz Donation Driven Marketing will ask them if they’d like to make a donation after they’ve completed their orders. In order to encourage people to donate, this Shopify app lets you offer them a discount code to use on a future purchase. Givz Donation Driven Marketing also allows you to choose a percentage or a fixed amount for the discount, and it will automatically send them a customizable email after they’ve made their donation.

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Change Commerce ‑ Donation App

Change Commerce ‑ Donation App Donation Shopify Apps

This Shopify app offers a great method for your business to raise money for non-profits and causes by allowing your customers to make donations via your ecommerce website. Change Commerce – Donation App lets you create a loyalty program so people can make donations by redeeming points or earn points for making donations. This Shopify plugin also gives you the ability to let them round-up their carts and donate the additional amount to charity, or they can donate a flat amount or a percentage of their purchase. Change Commerce – Donation App even allows you to create product collections that support different causes, it comes with automated reconciliation, so you won’t have to make donations on returned orders, and it gives you the ability to set donation bonuses when people support specific non-profits.

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DonateMate Donation Shopify Apps

If you’re looking for an easy way to raise funds for your favorite non-profit organizations, then you have to check out DonateMate. This Shopify plugin enables you to add a donation widget to your online store’s homepage, product pages, cart page, and checkout page via a user-friendly drag and drop interface. Plus, DonateMate allows people to choose the exact amount they want to donate, and donations are accepted in all the different currencies your ecommerce website supports, making it great for international stores.

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Donate Source ‑ Donation

Donate Source Donation Shopify Apps

Donate Source – Donation enables you to collect donations from customers via customizable widgets on your cart and product pages, so it’s a great way for you to raise money for your favorite causes. This Shopify plugin comes with three designs for you to choose from, so you can display the charity options via a dropdown, tabs, or a text box. Plus, Donate Source – Donation gives you the ability to set default donation amounts, but it also allows people to enter custom amounts. It will even automatically send donation receipts to your customers via customizable emails, and it includes real-time analytics.

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Crowdfunding Manager

crowdfunding manager donation shopify apps

Crowdfunding Manager helps you find people who are willing to donate money to help you develop and produce products, and it comes with advanced statistics to help you and your supporters see how much more you need to raise to realize your goals.  This donation Shopify app also includes support for videos on product pages, automatic email notifications to keep people informed, support for unlimited campaigns and products, and more.

Share The Love by W3

share the love donation shopify apps

This Shopify app allows you to use your business to raise money for your favorite charities or non-profits by letting you ask customers during the checkout process if they’d like to make a donation to a charitable organization.  Share The Love by W3 enables you to include multiple charities for shoppers to choose from, and it comes with analytics and reporting to help you track how much you’ve raised for your favorite causes.