Coupons are great for helping you increase your store’s sales, so we’ve found some Shopify apps to help you offer discounts in unique and interesting ways.  We’ve chosen some Shopify plugins that allow you to display popup windows with coupon codes when someone first visits your shop or is about to exit without buying anything, as well as apps that will give people discount codes for liking your company on social media or subscribing to your newsletter.  We’ve also found a Shopify app to help you add unique coupon codes to your MailChimp newsletters, and another plugin that lets you create links that will automatically apply discounts to products when people click on them.

Last Second Coupon by Hextom

Last Second Coupon by Hextom shopify apps

When someone is about to leave your store’s website without making a purchase, Last Second Coupon by Hextom will display a popup window with a coupon code to entice them into placing an order.  This Shopify plugin comes with lots of different templates for special events and holidays, but you can also upload your own images to create your own custom designs.  Plus, this Shopify apps offers geo targeting, so you can display specific promotions to people based on where they’re located.

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Upsell on Exit & Visit

upsell on exit vist coupon shopify apps

This Shopify app allows you to add a popup window to your website with a discount code which you can configure to appear when someone first visits your store’s site or is about to leave your shop without making a purchase.  Upsell on Exit & Visit comes with a customizable design, detailed analytics and reporting to help you see you many times each offer has been used, and more.

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