With a billion trillion websites out there already you need your SEO game to be strong. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, good SEO techniques should help you rank better for the terms you wish to rank for.

I have been through all of the SEO plugins for Shopify and found 20 of the best. Some are free, some are premium, some afreemium.

From adding extra tags, to optimising images for Google Image search, all the way way to checking your actual titles, tags and content — Ive found Shopify SEO tools which can do this and more.

Have a look through, if you use any of them, let me know in the comments!


by Kit CRM

  • Improve and automate how you market your store
  • Save time and drive more sales with your own marketing employee
  • Run Instagram and Facebook Ads that deliver a profit on your ad spend
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by ReloadSEO

  • Save time by doing direct keyword research in Shopify
  • Write better,rank higher and sell more with our content grader
  • Get higher quality scores in AdWords and cut back on advertising costs
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by BoostSuite

  • A Unique Approach to Online Advertising
  • Trusted by 25,000 Small Business Owners
  • Sign-up in seconds. Choose your partners. Design your ad (we make it easy). Then dominate the Web. It’s that simple.
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Smart SEO

by Kabuki Themes

  • Cut down the time you spend SEO optimizing your Shopify store by more than 80%.
  • No need to enter meta tags for every entity in your store. The Smart SEO app will generate them for you.
  • Have full control on how the meta tags are generated using the powerful Smart SEO templates.
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404 Error Tracker

by SEO Doctor

  • Automatically generate unlimited 404 redirects for your shop
  • Track and easily fix all your broken links (404 errors)
  • Pass all SEO juice from one link to another
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by Disco

  • Give your store the advantages of the new JSON-LD markup and add your store to Google’s Knowledge Graph with a single click
  • Search engines and other services can extract detailed information about your store and products, regardless of theme changes
  • Never worry about microdata or rich snippet SEO markup again – we automatically keep your store up to date with changing best practices
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Atomseo – 404 error & broken link checker

by Atomseo

  • Quickly detect all your broken and dead pages in a real-time, including internal, external pages and broken backlinks
  • Fix error (a broken link) quick and easy by setting a 301 redirect
  • Prevent traffic and clients lose as a result of visiting the broken product pages (broken product page) or references
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Meta Tagger

by Resistor Software

  • Bulk Import and Export of Basic SEO and Google Shopping meta tags!
  • Boosts traffic to your shop when people search for your products
  • Reduce chances of duplicate SEO information hurting your sales
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Wincher Rank Tracker

by Wincher

  • Unlimited number of keywords
  • Ranking history in graphs
  • Email notifications on drops and climbs
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SEO Metriks Marketing Platform


  • Run SEO Routines, Automated Keyword Rank Tracking, Keyword Research and SEO Audits
  • Use dedicated SEO tools for link detox, Local SEO and social media tracking
  • Use analytical tools for competitor research and performance tracking
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Linkcious SEO Power Up

by Linkcious

  • Rank higher on search engines. Increases traffic by 100%.
  • Removes the time spent manually linking related products on other websites. Your products will select themselves using artificial intelligence.
  • Embed your Shopify Products on your WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr etc…
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Site Booster

by AppSharp

  • Drive more business – Help customers find you more easily and more often
  • Establish an accurate and effective online business identity on the top platforms, map applications, review sites and more
  • Easily manage and monitor your online business identity from a single dashboard
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Ultra SEO

by Coolence

  • Simple – One click install. No need to modify any code at all!
  • Powerful – Complete control of every meta tag for your shop, including keywords and author tags!
  • Smart – Attract more customers from search engines!
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SocialAll Login & Posting

by SocialAll

  • Easier for customers to interact with your shop
  • Login with 19+ popular social networks
  • Publishing your products using multiple popular social networks account with our 1 Click TEMPLATE posting.
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by SEOBOT.io

  • Set automatic page titles and descriptions
  • Get keyword research to target the right terms
  • Integrate Google search keyword data for tracking and reporting
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Meta Tags Editor

by microapps

  • Control how SEO information about your products is displayed in Google and other search engines
  • Automate meta-tags adjusting, if you have a lot of products and don’t want to do it manually
  • Edit titles and descriptions for Products, Blogs, Articles (!) and Pages
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SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps

by Booster Apps

  • Gain more traffic and sales from Google Image Search!
  • One click install – get set up in less than 30 seconds. Set and forget!
  • FREE forever, we won’t ever charge for this app.
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ALT Text

by ShopApps

  • #1 App on Shopify
  • Boost Sales from Google Image Search
  • Super Easy 1-Click Installation
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SEO Manager

by NewLeaf Labs

  • #1 SEO app for Shopify
  • Improve your shop’s search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • 20+ powerful and unparalleled features allowing you enhanced control over your site’s SEO
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Plug in SEO

by Plug in SEO

  • Identify problems it’ll be worth spending your time and money to fix
  • Install and forget about SEO with automatic, regular checking
  • Instant, simple verdict
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SEO Doctor

by SEO Doctor

  • Get your SEO issues fixed by an SEO expert
  • Improve your shop’s visibility on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Drive organic traffic to your shop and increase sales
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