A recent report found that after browsing a retailer’s catalog, 72% of people surveyed were more interested in a company’s products, and 84% reported buying an item after viewing it in a catalog. While many retailers of switched to digital catalogs, which are extremely effective, paper catalogs aren’t as antiquated as you might think. After all, a study showed that when people received a physical catalog in addition to emails from a company, they were 24% more likely to make a purchase than those who only received digital communication.

If you want to create a catalog for your online store, there are lots of tools available to make the process super simple, especially if you use Shopify to manage your ecommerce website. Shopify is an e-commerce platform trusted by businesses all over the world, and in addition to tons of fantastic features, it offers a free trial! We’ve chosen a handful of Shopify apps to help you make both physical and digital catalogs for your business, and hopefully at least one of them is right for your brand.


If you’re looking for a new way to dynamically display your e-commerce website’s products, then you have to try LookThru. With this Shopify app, you can generate a mobile-friendly digital catalog using your store’s products, an existing PDF brochure, or a ZIP file of images, or you can manually create a virtual brochure one page at a time. Plus, LookThru allows you to add additional interactive elements to your digital brochure, including buttons, maps, videos, dynamic content, and text, and it gives you the ability to embed your digital brochures on any page of your site.

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PDF Catalog Print

If you don’t already have a catalog of your online store’s merchandise, you should check out PDF Catalog Print. This Shopify app will create a customizable PDF catalog using the products listed on your ecommerce website, and it gives you the option of choosing between grid and list view. Also, PDF Catalog Print comes with RTL language compatibility and support for QR codes and HTML tags.

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Flook: From PDF To Flipbook

Flook allows you to transform your business’s existing PDF catalogs into interactive digital flipbooks, which you can display on your store’s website, as well as on social media and in emails. This Shopify app also gives you the ability to enrich your virtual catalog images, videos, and links, and it offers support for shopping cart integration, enabling you to generate sales right directly from your digital flipbook. Plus, Flook has a responsive design, making your virtual catalogs compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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CatX Catalog Maker

This Shopify plugin offers an easy way for you to turn your online store’s inventory into a PDF catalog that you can download and print or share online or via email. CatX Catalog Maker comes with an editor you can use to customize your catalog’s fonts, colors, size, and orientation, and it gives you the ability to create front and back covers for your catalog, giving it a super professional appearance.

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Easy Catalog: wholesale/retail

Easy Catalog provides a simple way to create a PDF product catalog that you can print or share online, and it allows you to import products from your store based on a number of different criteria. This Shopify app comes with 14 catalog templates for you to choose from, and it also has a drag and drop page builder, making it extremely user-friendly. Easy Catalog also gives you the ability to import metafields, sort products, and generate barcodes and QR codes, and it not only offers support for wholesale prices, it also gives you the option of using the catalog as a wholesale order form.

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