A recent report found three-quarters of consumers surveyed prefer companies that offer rewards, and over 70% of people surveyed said they’d recommend a brand to others if they thought it provided a good loyalty program. A 2019 case study revealed that after a business began offering a loyalty program to its customers, the average order quantity more than tripled, making it clear just how beneficial loyalty and rewards programs can be for brands.

However, starting and managing a rewards program can be extremely time-consuming, especially for small businesses without the right tools. Fortunately, for brands that use Shopify to run their online stores, there are several apps that are designed to make it easy for companies of all sizes to build and run loyalty programs. We’ve featured a few of our favorites below, and if you aren’t already using Shopify for your ecommerce website, they’re currently offering a free trial.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create and manage a loyalty program for your online store, then you have to try this Shopify app. With Smile, you can allow your customers to earn points every time they complete specific activities, such as buying items from your store or referring their friends and family members to your business, which they can redeem for rewards. Plus, Smile offers support for multiple languages, it’s compatible with MailChimp, Judge.me, Okendo, Gorgias, and Klaviyo, it has a responsive design, so it works on mobile devices, and it allows you to customize the rewards launcher, panel, and emails to match your company’s branding.

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Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program

Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program shopify app

With Joy, you can easily build and run a loyalty program that gives people points when they perform various activities, such as subscribing to your newsletter, reviewing your products, sharing your content on social media, referring new people to your store, or buying items from your business. Then, your customers can turn their points into discounts they can use on their purchases, and this Shopify app lets you decide if they get a percentage or a set amount off of their order. Joy comes with a detailed analytics dashboard, so you can track the number of points that have been rewarded and redeemed, it comes with email templates for multiple events, it has a customizable design, and it lets you import, export, and even adjust your customers’ points.

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Loloyal: Loyalty Rewards Referrals

This Shopify plugin makes it super simple for you to reward your loyal customers with points when they do specific actions, such as signup to your store, subscribe to your mailing list, make a purchase, or celebrate a birthday, which they can redeem for rewards. Loloyal also allows you to create and manage a referral plan, which will offer people incentives for referring new customers to your ecommerce website. Plus, this Shopify app is mobile-friendly, it’s compatible with Shopify POS, it has a detailed analytics dashboard filled with useful statistics and reports, and it offers support for over 250 different languages.

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BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals

BON Loyalty Rewards Referrals shopify app

If you need a simple solution for building and running a loyalty program for your brand, this might be the Shopify app you’ve been searching for. BON enables you to offer your customers 18 different ways to earn points they can redeem in your store, and it gives you the ability to provide them with unlimited rewards for their loyalty. BON also lets you create a referral/affiliate program for your brand, which can help boost your sales, brand awareness, and site traffic, it includes support for 250+ languages, and it gives you the option of creating VIP tiers to reward your most loyal customers with exclusive rewards.

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Rivo: Loyalty & Referrals

Rivo: Loyalty Referrals shopify app

With Rivo, you can build and manage loyalty and referral programs for your online store, making it easy for people to earn points and rewards simply for being good customers. This app — which was made exclusively for Shopify — also offers support for VIP tiers, and it comes with a user-friendly loyalty and rewards page builder and a built-in widget builder. Plus, Rivo is compatible with Klaviyo, it lets you send automated emails to your clients, and it has a detailed dashboard where you can see the number of loyalty members you have, the points they’ve earned, the sales they’ve generated, and more.

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