A recent study revealed 22% of people surveyed would be more likely to purchase a product after viewing an ad that included a review or testimonial from another shopper, highlighting just how important testimonial marketing can be for brands. Another study found that 42% of people surveyed want ecommerce websites to provide them with more customer testimonials, so if you’re not already displaying testimonials on your online store, you should definitely consider adding them to your site.

Fortunately, if you use Shopify to manage your ecommerce website, there are multiple apps you can use to collect and display customer testimonials, and some of them even allow you to import existing testimonials and reviews from other websites, such as Google, eBay, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. If you’re not already using Shopify to run your online store, they’re offering a free trial, so you can try it out without making a long-term commitment.

UGC Video Testimonials: Trusta

UGC Video Testimonials: Trusta shopify app

Trusta will automatically request video testimonials from your customers — in exchange for rewards from your brand — that you can display on your ecommerce website to provide social proof to your online store’s shoppers. Plus, this Shopify app comes with customizable landing pages and email templates, and it gives you the ability to automatically approve the user-generated content (UGC) submitted by your customers.

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Reputon Testimonials Slider

Reputon Testimonials Slider shopify app

This Shopify plugin makes it easy for you to display customer testimonials on your store’s site in carousels, sliders, lists, grids, and cards using widgets, and it also allows you to feature YouTube and TikTok video testimonials and import reviews from other websites, including Google, Yotpo, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Mercado Libro. Plus, Reputon has a responsive design, allowing people to submit and view testimonials on their phones and tablets, and you can customize the content, position, and style of the widgets.

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Testimonials Master

Testimonials Master shopify app

Testimonials Master comes with a frontend submission form you can use to get feedback from your customers that you can then showcase on your ecommerce website using either a grid or a slider. Plus, this Shopify app allows you to export your customer testimonials as CSV, Excel, PDF, and print formats, and it has a responsive design, so it’s compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Testimonials Master also enables you to customize various elements of the testimonials, including font sizes and heading and button colors, and it gives you the option of including images of your customers with their testimonials.

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Social Testimonial Slider

Social Testimonial Slider shopify app

If you already have lots of great reviews from your customers on other websites, such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp, but you’ve been looking for an easy way to integrate them into your online store, Social Testimonial Slider might be the solution you’ve been searching for. This Shopify plugin will take these existing reviews and display them on your site as grids and sliders, and it comes with multiple styles for you to choose from and super simple customization options.

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Customer Testimonials Showcase

Customer Testimonials Showcase shopify app

Customer Testimonials Showcase gives you the ability to collect testimonials from your customers via a form on your website or one you embed in your emails which you can showcase on your store’s website using a slider or grid. In addition to their feedback, people can also provide product photos that you can include with the testimonials, and this Shopify app lets you moderate submitted testimonials and even import testimonials from other sources. Plus, Customer Testimonials Showcase has a responsive design, so your customers can submit their feedback using their mobile devices, and the testimonials will look great on tablets and smartphones.

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