A recent survey found American shoppers are becoming more and more likely to make impulse buys, and on average, they spend more than $300 every month on impulsive purchases. If you want to make this most of the growing trend, you should definitely consider having flash sales on your ecommerce website. Flash sales are discounts or promotions that are only offered for a relatively short period of time, which can increase a customer’s sense of urgency, as well as their fear of missing out on a limited-time offer.

Obviously, this is great for online retailers because not only can successful flash sales help them boost their earnings, they can also aid them in getting rid of overstock. However, it’s not just business owners who can benefit from flash sales because more than half of American consumers surveyed reported that impulse shopping, including taking advantage of flash sales, has helped save them money.

While flash sales can be extremely beneficial to businesses and customers, creating and managing them can require a lot of effort on behalf of online retailers. Fortunately, if they use Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market today, apps like the ones featured below can make flash sales a lot easier!

Disco: Flash Sales & Discounts

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create and manage flash sales on your ecommerce website, then you have to try Disco! This Shopify app enables you to make custom banners and announcement bars, complete with countdown timers, to help you tell your customers about flash sales, and it lets you schedule the start and end times for the promotions. Plus, Disco gives you the ability to create flash sales for individual items, your entire store, specific selections, and products that have certain tags.

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Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

While having flash sales can be a great way to bring in extra revenue while getting rid of excess inventory, manually changing the prices of products is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, Bulk Price Editor/Price Change enables you to increase or decrease the prices of multiple items by a percentage or a flat amount, and it allows you to bulk update the cost of a single product, a certain type of product, as well as all of the products in a particular collection, from a specific vendor, or with a distinct tag. This Shopify app also lets you schedule price changes in advance, it gives you the option of adding a strikethrough to original prices to help highlight savings, and more.

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Bold Discount ‑ The Sale App

Bold Discount is designed to make it super simple for business store owners to run flash sales on their sites, and it comes with countdown timers and sale icons to help create a sense of urgency for shoppers. This Shopify plugin lets you set your discount and then apply it to your entire online store or just certain products and collections. Bold Discount also offers support for unlimited flash sales, and it comes with a tool to help you schedule flash sales well in advance.

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Essential Countdown Timer Bar

This Shopify app is perfect for having flash sales, because it makes it simple for you to add countdown timers to your online store’s site, creating a sense of urgency for your customers. Essential Countdown Timer Bar lets you display countdown timers in product pages, landing pages, and shopping carts, as well as announcement bars that appear on every page of your ecommerce website. Plus, this Shopify plugin comes with 20 premade styles for you to choose from, a user-friendly customizer, a mobile-friendly design, and OS 2.0 compatibility.

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BOGO, Free Gift and Flash Sale

This Shopify app from Wizzcommerce makes it very easy to create and run flash sales, complete with countdown timers, but it also comes with support for other types of promotions, including quantity breaks, free gifts, and buy one get one free (BOGO). This plugin also features an analytics dashboard where you can find detailed reports about the efficacy of your flash sales, and it includes support for unlimited campaigns.

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