A recent study found nearly half of consumers all over the world believe videos increase their confidence about purchasing products, and video content is especially important to millennials, especially when it comes to the post-purchase phase. According to the same study, 71% of people surveyed stated interactive video content can be particularly effective, especially when the videos include links to purchase the featured items.

If you want to harness the power of shoppable videos, there are lots of useful tools available to help you transform your existing content, such as videos you’ve shared on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, into seamless shopping experiences. Plus, if you use Shopify, there are shoppable video applications made especially for this incredibly popular ecommerce platform, and we’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you.

Poloriz ‑ Shoppable Stories

If you need help creating shoppable content, then you have to try Polariz. This Shopify app will take your online store’s existing product images and automatically transform them into shoppable videos you can display on your ecommerce website. Plus, Polariz offers support for multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, and Italian, and it’s compatible with Google Analytics.

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ReelUp: Shoppable Videos + UGC

ReelUp will all you to import videos from Instagram and TikTok into your online store with just one click, and you can tag your company’s products in the videos, making them shoppable. Plus, because this Shopify app uses widgets, you can display these shoppable videos pretty much anywhere on your website. ReelUp features speed optimization, so it won’t slow down your online store, it has built-in social sharing, and it comes with a detailed analytics dashboard you can use to track impressions, clicks, orders, revenue, and more.

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Reactive Live Shopping /Shoppable Video

With this Shopify app, you can display live videos on your store’s website, such as product reviews and demonstrations by your staff or influencers, that are also shoppable, making it easy for viewers to purchase the items featured in the videos. Plus, Reactive gives you the ability to enhance these live videos with polls, crowd noise, gift drops, purchase trains, chat features, and gifts with purchases, embed live videos anywhere on your e-commerce site, and even replay live streams and events.

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Tolstoy Shoppable Video & Quiz

If you want to use your existing content to create shoppable videos for your online store, then you have to check out Tolstoy. This Shopify plugin allows you to import Instagram stories and reels and YouTube and TikTok videos to your ecommerce website, or record original videos, which you can make shoppable by tagging products and adding “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. Plus, Tolstoy allows you to share the videos via email and SMS, as well as on your website using popups and widgets, it has a detailed analytics dashboard, and it lets you make your videos even more interactive by allowing you to add polls, quizzes, chat features, and more.

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Vimotia Shoppable Videos & UGC

Vimotia makes it easy to import videos from Instagram, AliExpress, TikTok, and YouTube to your site, and it comes with a video editor you can use to cut, trim, and resize your videos, change the playback speed, and enhance them with subtitles, stickers, decorations, and music. This Shopify also allows you to make them shoppable, and in addition to “Add to Cart” buttons, you can include discounts, product descriptions, shipping messages, links, stock levels. Plus, Vimotia lets you add videos and galleries anywhere on your website, and it comes with customizable video players that support picture-in-picture play.

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CreatorKit ‑ Video maker

CreatorKit is a video creator made especially for e-commerce, and it makes it incredibly easy for store owners to create shoppable videos — using their existing product photos — they can share on their websites and social media accounts. This Shopify plugin comes with a web-based video editor with hundreds of templates to choose from, and CreatorKit allows users to create brand kits with the colors they want to see featured in their videos.

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