The ecommerce beauty and personal care market is expected to reach a valuation of more than $65 billion this year, and a recent study found 28% of digital US consumers spend between $51 and $100 dollars on beauty products every month. Consequently, if you’ve been thinking of launching an online store to sell your own line of beauty and personal care products, there’s definitely a growing market. While Shopify makes it easy to build and manage your own ecommerce website — and they even offer a free trial — developing makeup and cosmetics for your brand, creating the items, and shipping them to customers isn’t necessarily simple.

However, with dropshipping, all you have to do is choose the products you want to sell, provide your logo and branding, and a third party will take care of actually fulfilling the orders for you. Plus, there are multiple Shopify apps made especially for the beauty and personal care industry, and we’ve chosen just a few of our favorites to share with you!

Jubilee — Beauty Makeup Print on Demand

Jubilee offers an easy way to create your very own beauty brand, and it gives you the ability to sell makeup products, including mascara, foundation, eyeliner, and lipsticks, as well as skincare, haircare, and fragrances. Plus, this Shopify app lets you personalize the cosmetics with your company’s name and logo; it allows you to order samples of beauty products at wholesale prices, so you can try out the products before you sell them to your customers, and it offers a 14-day free trial!

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Blanka Beauty Print on Demand

This dropshipping Shopify plugin provides a super simple way to sell your very own line of cruelty-free skincare, makeup, and cosmetics, and it allows you to choose from hundreds of items, including subscription boxes, makeup accessories, men’s products, lipstick, eyelashes, eyeshadow, lipgloss, blush, mascara, and more. You simply choose the items you want to sell, customize them with your logo and branding, and Blanka’s US suppliers will create and ship the products directly to your customers every time someone places an order.

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viaGlamour | Cosmetics Lab

If you want to start your own environmentally-conscious beauty brand, then you have to check out viaGlamour! This Shopify app will enable you to sell vegan and cruelty-free makeup and skincare, including talc-free eyeshadow, subscription boxes, makeup brushes, and organic soap, with your business’s branding. Plus, viaGlamour customizable containers and boxes are made from eco-friendly materials, and all their products are made in Canada, but they will ship your branded products to customers anywhere in the world!

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AliBeauty ‑ Beauty Dropshipping

Not only will AliBeauty allow you easily sell your own line of beauty products, but it also gives you the ability to sell haircare products, makeup tools and brushes, skincare, bath and body products, and even contact lenses! Simply choose which items you want to sell, provide AliBeauty with your branding, and each time someone buys something from your online store, they’ll automatically fulfill the order, making it an incredibly easy way for you to launch your beauty brand.

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MagicSoaps | Private‑Label Beauty

If you want to sell organic soap, MagicSoaps is the perfect Shopify plugin for you! Just use Canva to customize the packaging with your logo, and MagicSoaps will generate free product photos and handle fulfilling your orders. Even though MagicSoaps is based in Canada, they’ll mail your products all over the world, and their products are made in small batches using gluten-free, organic, and plant-based ingredients that contain activated charcoal but are free from artificial colorants!

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