While the global ecommerce food and beverage market is unlikely to grow as rapidly as it did in 2020, surging 99%, a recent report believes it will nearly double from $80 billion in 2022 to nearly $150 billion in 2026. Obviously, the global food and beverage market is alive and well, but successful members of the industry are always looking for the latest ways to connect with customers and increase their revenue.

One method of creating excitement about groceries, foods, and drinks is to showcase how they can be used to create mouth-watering snacks, meals, and beverages. Fortunately, there are a number of apps made for Shopify that make it easy to add recipes to ecommerce sites, and we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to highlight! If you’re not already using Shopify, it’s definitely worth checking out, because not only is it filled with amazing features, but it also comes with a free trial.

Recipe Stack—Sell with Recipes

This Shopify app enables you to add recipes to your ecommerce website in order to show people how they can use your products to create delicious meals and dishes, which can help boost your store’s sales. Recipe Stack also gives customers the ability to add products to their carts from your recipes, making for a very user-friendly shopping experience, and it allows people to print your recipes and even share them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Plus, this Shopify plugin offers customizable recipe filters, a recipe rating system, a recipe search feature, easy installation, and more.

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BentoSMB Recipes

BentoSMB Recipes makes it easy for online food and grocery store owners to display recipes featuring their products on their sites, and it has a responsive design, so it’s compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tabs. Plus, this Shopify plugin features SEO and speed optimization, it lets people share your recipes on Pinterest, and it gives you the ability to add images and nutritional information to your recipes. Plus, customers can print your recipes with a single click, and it allows you to add links to your store’s products in your recipes.

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Recipe Kit

recipe kit shopify app

If you want to embed recipe cards into your ecommerce website’s blog posts, then you have to try Recipe Kit. This Shopify plugin will make it easy for you to display shoppable recipe cards in your store’s blog posts that are optimized for search engines and use Google Rich Snippets. Recipe Kit has four recipe card designs for you to choose from, it gives you the ability to translate your recipes into multiple languages, and it enables people to rate your recipes and print or share them on social media. Plus, you can even bulk import recipes into your site using CSV files, embed YouTube videos in recipes, and add images and nutrition details to recipes.

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Elsner : Recipe Management

elsner recipe management shopify plugin

This innovative Shopify app will allow people and companies to submit their recipes to your website, making it a unique and interesting way to showcase how your food and grocery products can be used to create tasty meals. Of course, Elsner: Recipe Management lets you and your team approve the recipes that appear on your online store, and it will automatically notify people and merchants when the recipes they’ve submitted are approved or rejected. This recipe Shopify plugin will make it easy for you to manage the recipe categories and fields, and it lets you choose which fields are required in order for someone to submit a recipe to your store.

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