If you’re building a site which requires a monthly membership or subscription like Lootcrate or Zamplebox, or maybe asks for monthly donations like Wikipedia and NPR, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve gone through the lot and found the absolute best free and premium Shopify subscription, recurring billing and recurring donation related apps.

Hopefully with one of these you’ll have everything you need to implement a great website running on a subscription model. If you use one, why not drop in a comment, tell us what you’re using and link it? 🙂

Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold


  • The #1 SUBSCRIPTION APP for PHYSICAL products Shopify, and the ONLY app to allow subscriptions on individual products, a mixed cart (one-time and recurring) or an entire cart!
  • More features than any other Subscription app! Lock down your frequency rules, or give customers full control of how often orders ship, when they end, if they’re a gift, etc…
  • Customers can manage, edit, pause, skip, update and add-to existing orders! The MOST ROBUST customer portal of any subscription app!
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Recurring Billing by ReCharge

by ReCharge

  • ONLY Software offered on Shopify built EXCLUSIVELY for stores selling physical products on subscription.
  • APP MARKETPLACE Store Owner’s rank Recharge Shopify’s #1 subscription software.
  • MOST ROBUST Subscription CUSTOMER PORTAL available. PLUS, ReCharge is the ONLY RELEASED Software to provide automatic/seamless integration into your Shopify checkout, order flow and customer account.
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Recurring Memberships


  • Offer memberships with different levels of access to your store, blogs, products, pages… or ANYTHING!
  • Ideal for any type of membership, even OFFLINE services like clubs, daycares, bootcamps, you name it!
  • Offer Subscription Boxes on our site, or even change what liquid templates show to members!
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Recurring Billing by Checkend

by Checkend

  • Integration With Your Shopify Shop and Order Management
  • Easy Subscription Management for You and Your Customers
  • Automatically Authorize Orders, Capture Payment When Order is Fulfilled, and Reschedule Orders Easily
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Memberships by Supple

by SuppleApps

  • Manage Members on Auto-pilot: Automatically promote customers to chosen memberships on various events and notify them
  • Auto-apply Discounts in Shopping Cart: Motivate customers to purchase more with membership discounts
  • Built-in Subscriptions: Sell memberships with recurrent monthly or annual subscriptions
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Recurring Donations by Bold


  • Accept Single or RECURRING donations on your Shopify store.
  • Track and display your fundraising goals with customizable progress bars.
  • Back end dashboard to track all your donors and upcoming and scheduled donations.
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Charge Rabbit

by Corknine Development

  • Receive recurring payments from your customers.
  • Integrates with Shopify customer accounts to allow customers to manage their memberships from their account in your Shopify Store
  • Track Shipments in Shopify or Deliver digital goods to your members using Sky Pilot
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Paywhirl Recurring Payments, Billing and Subscriptions

by PayWhirl

  • Offer Subscriptions, Payment Plans, Layaway Programs, Pre-Orders, Memberships & More on Shopify!
  • Seamless Integration with Shopify Orders, Customers & Products. Payments Will Generate Orders As Needed.
  • Customers Can Login To Manage Their Own Subscriptions, Credit Cards & Custom Subscriber Profiles.
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by Jacware LLC

  • Turn any Shopify product into a subscription product
  • Setup in minutes
  • Integrates with industry leading payment processor Stripe
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