A huge part of a mail order company’s day-to-day work is within shipping. From calculating the correct postage, creating labels, ordering pickups to actual tracking and shipping confirmations and updates.

Ive been through everything Shopify has to offer and have come up with 21 of the best Shopify apps to handle shipping, tracking, printing labels, postage calculation and more.


Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

by AfterShip

  • Import tracking of all your shipments in one place (Free)
  • Branded tracking page to view order status in one click and ensure great post-purchase experience (Free)
  • Send email / SMS delivery notifications to engage your customers after sales (Premium)
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by Shippo

  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label!
  • Print a shipping label in seconds!
  • Access multiple carriers: USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express & more
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by netParcel

  • Save Money – Save up to 70% with our volume discount shipping rates
  • Save Time – Compare rates, select carriers and print shipping labels in minutes
  • Be Confident – netParcel uses only the most reliable carriers
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by ShippingEasy

  • Save money on every shipment with Commercial Plus Pricing and Flat Rate Green Cubic postage savings
  • Save time: Sync, manage, process, and print shipping labels for all of your orders on Shopify and anywhere else you sell online in one place
  • Take advantage of our FREE plan if you ship fewer than 50 orders per month (comes with a free Endicia account, a $15.95 value per month) – Great for new businesses just starting with NO PER-LABEL FEE
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Advanced Shipping Manager

by KingWebmaster

  • Real-time shipping rates and mark-ups for dropshipped products
  • Free shipping for specific products
  • Block certain shipping methods for specific products
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by Auctane, LLC

  • Best USPS Rates at all plan levels + includes a free USPS-enabled account + Web-based w/ free iOS & Android app
  • Aggregate orders from your selling channels + Automate order processing with a simple but powerful rules engine
  • Integrates with Shopify and >90 other apps + Create hundreds of labels at a time for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and others
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Store Pickup + Delivery

by Zapiet

  • Allow Customers To Pickup From Your Physical Store(s) Or Have Their Orders Delivered Locally
  • Significantly Reduce Your Number Of Returns
  • Fantastic In-Store Up-selling Opportunities
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by ShopPad

  • Professional-grade order status & package tracking that’s integrated with all major carriers
  • Real-time order status information in a beautifully integrated experience
  • Customers can view their order status from your store without an account
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by Decimal

  • Full control over Shipping Rate calculations
  • Charge buyers for Shipping the way YOU want, using YOUR rules
  • Never lose money on Shipping again!
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Bespoke Shipping

by MZL Solutions

  • Offer shipping based promotions – i.e. Free shipping when product X,Y, Z is purchased
  • Fully customizable – Unlimited possibilities!
  • Advanced scripting capabilities
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by Christian Blais

  • Take control of your deliveries, both local and international.
  • Create custom shipping rates that perfectly suit your needs.
  • Save time with a slick, simple, native interface.
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Better Shipping

by Atom Yard

  • Maximise profits by setting shipping rates that suit your business
  • Set individual shipping rates for each product in your store
  • Set shipping rates for delivery areas based on zip/postal codes
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by Kuberas Inc.

  • 1. SAVE TIME: 1-click shipping for your Shopify, eBay and Amazon orders, all directly from your Shopify Admin!
  • 2. SAVE MONEY: For USPS, automatic multi-level discounted postage without having to subscribe to Endicia or Stamps.com! For FedEx, UPS and Canada Post, your own account number.
  • 3. ELIMINATE HASSLES: Automatically updates your cart with shipping and tracking info. Automatically triggers your cart to send detailed shipping notification emails to your customers.
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ShipRobot – Multi-carrier Shipping Labels

by ShipRobot LLC

  • Sync orders from multiple sales channels you use in real-time.
  • Create and print shipping labels for all your orders with one solution.
  • Update order statuses automatically once orders are fulfilled.
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by PoolParty

  • Give them the information they need in the place they are most likely to see it
  • Keep your customers happy by giving them important information about their purchase
  • Happy customers are repeat customers who refer others
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Local Delivery

by Atom Yard

  • Take control of your own deliveries – Make deliveries when it suits YOU and your CUSTOMERS.
  • Save time and eliminate hassle – No more confusing email exchanges with customers. Delivery times are set on the cart page.
  • Never miss a delivery – View all upcoming deliveries at a glance.
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by Mechfeed Ltd

  • All your orders in one place – Zenstores gives you a complete view of all your orders from multiple online stores in one place. Always synced and up to date.
  • Save time shipping – Zenstores users can save up to 25 hours a week in time spent dispatching orders
  • Grow your business – Take back your time and use it to take your business to the next level
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DHL Express

by DHL Express

  • Real time rate quotes for international shipments.
  • Identifies inventory that has no weight that can cause inaccurate rate quotes.
  • Reach customers globally with support for more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.
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Yakit – Hassle-free international shipping

by Yakit

  • Transparent pricing with no minimums or monthly charges
  • Guaranteed duties and taxes along with shipping cost in your shopping cart
  • Ship internationally to more than 45 countries now!
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Bring Shipping

by Media Skjolberg

  • Live shipping-cost calculator integration
  • Time-saving label integration (no more copy & paste)
  • Embedded app with single and bulk order actions
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shipcloud Connector

by chnet

  • connect your shipcloud.io account
  • print shipping labels directly in shopify (for once or more than one order at time)
  • one app for all shipping carriers
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